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What Are The Diets That May Kill You

At any given moment, approximately half of the women in the American population are dieting. With the push toward lean, well-toned bodies in this country, some people have approached weight loss with a mania. Unfortunately, a number of those who have published what ultimately became famous diet programs ended up with a big bankroll while the unsuspecting women who adopted their plan sometimes ended up severely debilitated…or dead.

One of the debilitating health results of a poorly designed diet plan such as these are the onset of osteoporosis. Some of the most popular diets deprive women of calcium. The reduction or elimination of calcium from one’s diet is a serious danger to anyone’s health since your body needs this valuable mineral in order to maintain healthy bones. Irreversible damage can be caused by losing bone density in this manner. Many dieters view dairy products as too fattening and eliminate all dairy from the diet.

The facts prove otherwise, however. Not only is dairy not unhealthy, but it’s required by the body to maintain good overall health and strong bones. In addition, if you were to remove dairy products from your diet, you’d actually have trouble losing weight. A better approach would be to eat low-fat dairy products, in order to get the calcium that you need, but also to force the body into utilizing the fat cells that currently reside in your system, rather than building new fat cells. This causes the body to turn its attention toward the breaking down of fat and, ultimately, provides the catalyst for weight reduction.

Be sure to do your research beforehand if you are thinking of going on a diet. Try one of the healthy diets out there and following one of them instead of the drastic, chemical solutions may end up saving your life, and certainly your health. Find out the facts to avoid going on a dangerous diet that promises a quick fix, but will not keep you thin for life, but may make you unhealthy for life. Know the signs of a dangerous diet. Any diet that eliminates a food group entirely is dangerous. We need a mix of nutrients to remain healthy. If a diet promises instant results, beware.

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