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Unique Ideas when Planning to Create Your Personalized Baby Shower Invitation

Are you holding a baby shower soon? Since it is a personal get-together with your relatives, friends, and colleagues, why not add some personal touch to the invitations you are going to send out? Making your own handcrafted baby shower invitation is a great way to show how special the occasion will be as well as its theme. And if you are gifted with handcrafting skills, then it’s time to put your talent into something tangible that will impress others.

Here are some unique ideas you may consider when planning to create your personalized baby shower invitation:

1. Photo Invitations

Just like christening invitations, you can have a photo of the baby on your baby shower invitation even if the baby is not born yet. You can scan a copy of the ultrasound photo and cut it out into a circular shape. Glue the cutout onto the belly of a photo or drawing of a mother on the baby shower invitation. Alternatively, you can post a glamorous or professional maternity photo of the mother, if there is any. Creating photo invitations are a simple and quick way to personally invite your guests in celebrating the future arrival of your bundle of joy.

2. Diaper Invitations

A diaper is a baby stuff that is not gendered specific and can be decorated in many ways, making it an ideal theme to use for baby shower invitations. To make a diaper invitation, fold the card in the same manner as a baby diaper does. Start with a square-shaped paper and fold it to form a diamond shape. In the middle part of the paper, place the details about the baby shower, and then fold the edges into the center. The bottom edge must be folded up a bit farther from the top. Decorate the invitation with seams that are hand-drawn along the edges of the diaper fabric. To seal the card, use a sticker that looks like a clothespin.

3. Paper Craft Invitations

Are you into scrapbooking? They put your crafting talent into good use by making papercraft invitations. Choose scrapbooking papers with patterns and colors that match the theme of your baby shower. For the bottom layer of the invitation, use a heavy or thick card stock. Paste a patterned paper across the center of the card. Print or write important details about the baby shower on a lighter colored paper at one side or at the center.

4. Printable Invitations

If you are not very much interested in handcrafting but would like to personalize your baby shower invitations, you may opt for printable invitations. It is a very convenient type of handcrafted baby shower invitation for people who barely have the time to create invitations on their own. Over the Internet, you can find hundreds of templates that you can choose from. All you have to do is to pick the colors, font, design, and text that you desire and then print the invitation on a card stock or paper.

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