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The Ultimate Guide on How to Relieve Stress Today

What is stress, and how does it come about? What does stress feel like? The denotation of the word would be as follows. “A mentally or emotionally upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical health, usually characterized by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression.” There are a lot of deeper questions as to stress, such as to the question of emotion, but for now, let’s just examine stress.

There are some instances of physical stress created by external situations, although stress in the majority of cases is created by us. We put ourselves in stressful situations. We do not take care of our actions. This leads to problems with a consistent feeling of anxiety. Problems, in some cases, get resolved but not understood.

Many times we are more concerned about avoiding the problem rather than facing it; this, of course, brings about stress. Problems do not go away. Problems need to be understood. Understood, in the sense that all factors at play need to be seen, these factors will tell us what is creating the problem. Problems, in actual fact, can become opportunities. The majority of the products or services in the marketplace are invented to solve problems.

So a problem may give you the opportunity to be better. Although this is a kind of positive spin, the fact remains — a problem is a problem, and within it, there is an answer.

When you find yourself stressed out, step back, and take a look at why?

What are some factors that cause stress for you? Lack of organization can lead to a lot of stress. Organization puts you in a position of anticipation. If you fail to organize, you fail to anticipate. Procrastination creates stress, putting things off. Stress can also be caused by poor diet, drinking a lot of coffee, not sleeping, which becomes the circular challenge caused by worry or stress. Not being honest brings stress, and when you start adding all this up, it equates to being unhappy.

Not dealing with issues is the biggest stress builder of all.

Stress is accumulated from the past. You have to deal with it. Sorry, there is no easy answer. The past cannot be changed. What you have done is over. Now, one needs to examine what caused it.

Let’s say I do not pay my bills; this leads to a problem of bills adding up and not been paid, which then creates the challenge of the power been cut off, then I cannot cook. This is kind of simplistic, but one problem leads to another like a domino effect.

The problem may have been caused by my lack of budgeting or living beyond my means, and when not confronted, it leads to stress. Problems are a part of life. However, most problems come from ourselves and our refusal to face the facts. The truth will set you free.

You cannot change the past. Deal with your circumstances now, as they are, not as you wish they were. Deal with stress Today and tomorrow will start to look a lot better.

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