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Tai Chi Exercises: What You Need To Know

Nowadays, Tai Chi exercises have been taught more for therapeutic purposes. While some enjoyed meditating with Tai Chi, others had their Tai Chi as a compliment for their dancing which is much like a dance in ballet. The Tai Chi exercises are executed slowly, a series of slow dance steps, and could require a substantial amount of effort, physical and mental. That is the main reason Tai Chi exercises are highly regarded since it harmonizes the coordination of the body and the mind.

Chi Exercise

One example of the Tai Chi exercises is the art of breathing. Chi is used instead of Qi, since the Chi spelling is more widely known. This exercise is meant to be done meditatively but is not required for one to enter into some kind of trance. The exercise is started by assuming the Horseback riding stance. To start, stand with the back straight with the chin held levelly. Space both feet about three feet apart and slowly bend legs until it is reached at maximum. This would place a great strain on the legs, but if you are in a meditation or just closing your eyes, this stance has the best balance equilibrium. Now, hold both arms forward straight and exhale deeply and slowly, but not forcefully. This action should take out every minute of air inside your lungs. Now, pull your hands slowly toward your chest turning your palms slightly inward so, at the end of the process, you are holding your hands near your chest with the palms facing inward. Inhale deeply and slowly.

This Tai Chi exercise has found some good uses. Actually, when I studied Kung Fu, it was the first of those self practices that I was told to master. For me, it has many uses. Before, I used it to condition myself before classes; now, I use it to relax or prepare myself for something, like going for an interview. This exercise is really a good cardiovascular practice, too. When you inhale deeply and slowly, 100% of your lungs get filled, by slowly dispelling all the air in your lungs, you could also exhale all those bad elements still lodged in your lungs. But if you’re expecting this exercise to clear your carcinogen-filled lungs, please don’t expect too much.

The grinding corn exercise

The grinding corn exercise is one of the popular Tai Chi exercises practiced by monks for warm-up and for meditation. To do a grinding corn exercise, start by assuming a horseback riding stance. Keeping your stance low, reach out in the imaginary space in front of you and move your hands in a circular horizontal motion as if a stone table were present and you are grinding corn pellets with bricks in your hand. Do the circular motions slowly and alternate the circles in your hand to create a rhythm.

As with every horseback riding stance, the weight will be felt on the thighs, but the distribution of force would make every muscle in your body tighten to support the entire body. Holding weights while doing a circular motion would also help, as it would produce a greater tension on your muscles.

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