10 Helpful Tips to Select a Comfy Futon Mattress

So you’re looking for a futon mattress, and you think that deciding on the right product would be easy. Well, although available worldwide, futon mattresses come in a myriad of forms and types that make it all your effort of finding the right one pretty necessary. Yes, with lots of choices available out there, choosing the best and the right one can be a bit puzzling.

However, you should not let yourself stuck in such a problem. There is a solution for that. Perhaps all you need to do is to know exactly what you can do to find and get the right futon mattress available.

For such needs, I have mentioned below some of the helpful tips for selecting a futon mattress. Just note all of these and apply them when needed.

1. The futon mattress usually comes in a frame. So when looking for it, pay great attention to its frame. Find out if the frame has at least a five-year warranty. This is a great move to make especially if you’re buying one that would serve as your bed and a couch. In addition, choose between a trifold and bi-fold frame. According to some claims, a trifold is folded twice and uses the width of the mattress as the couch, whole the bifold is folded once and uses the length of the mattress as the couch. The bifold framed futon usually gives more seat room.

2. Consider the thickness. The rule here is to select a futon mattress that is at least 6 inches thick. Lesser than that will only make you feel uncomfortable.

3. Consider how the futon was built and what it is made of. It is usual for a futon mattress to be made of cotton, or a combination of cotton-foam, cotton-wool, and cotton-polyester.

4. In terms of weight, consider the heavy ones, especially if you are not going to move or roll up the futon very often.

5. If you consider a weightless futon, look for the ones that are made of cotton and foam. According to numerous reviews, this type will not sag.

6. If what you prefer is a lighter mattress, consider the futon that is made of cotton and polyester. It is flexible and soft.

7. If supersoft is your favorite, try a futon mattress that boasts a cotton and wool combination. However, it is important to remember that most of the wool mattresses are not flexible enough to suit every situation.

8. Test the futon mattress if possible. Try to lie down on it and spread your weight, but make sure to note how comfortable and supportive it is. Make sure that the futon is not lumpy.

9. Look at that frame again. But this time, make sure that the frame of the futon you are considering is made from southern yellow pine. This material has been deemed ideal for futon frames mainly due to its being heavy and durable.

10. Consider the right size. This is pretty much self-explanatory.

So that’s it! If you are still with me, then great! But, Oops! Don’t forget to buy a futon cover to protect your futon mattress from dust and stains.

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